The Importance of Due Dilegence for a Happy Home Purchase

home inspection services and due diligence
Due diligence will make you happy when purchasing a home!

I get asked all the time, “should I get the well checked out, should I get the septic inspected, should I get a camera inspection of the sewer pipe out to the street, what about the water, radon test, water test, asbestos?” Yes, Yes, Yes and yes and yes!  For most people the home is one of the biggest investments you will have.  Due diligence is essential to ensure your investment is sound and healthy.  Steps can be taken now to fix any issues. The seller can be asked to fix any problems or take money off the selling price.  Extra testing beyond the home inspection will cost more money and take longer to complete.  If you have to spend $1000.00 in testing and inspections this is nothing compared with the value of your home, your health and the value of your peace of mind.  In most cases you can just roll these extra expenses into your loan.  Anyway you look at it if there is any doubt about a system in the home you are about to purchase by all means get it checked out by a professional.  The home inspector will most likely only offer radon, and water testing.  The other tests will have to be conducted by other parties.  If you are buying an older home they will likely need more inspections.  Work with your realtor and set a realistic closing date so you can get all the inspections and tests done.  One test that may take a long time to get done is the septic inspection.  Depending on the time of year it may be weeks before a septic company is available to pump out the septic and perform their camera inspection.  Also, well companies may take a while to come and test flow rates and the well system. For maximum long term return on your investment, your heath and piece of mind, if in doubt get it checked out!