Air tightness testing



Air tightness testing with blower door and duct blaster.

Are you a builder in need of air tightness testing to satisfy the local building department?  We are certified to perform these tests with the Building Performance Institute (BPI) We are also listed with the Bozeman, MT building department: blower door certified. You will receive a written report that can be give to the building department.  We will perform a total leakage test on the house using the blower door and a total duct leakage test using the duct blaster.


Call today to discuss your project.  Whether you are new to performance testing or are an experienced pro we will come up with a plan for your project.

Blower door testing for home air tightness.

Some builders are already adept at creating tight housing.  In that case I recommend doing a final test after the house is completely done.  Other builders may need a little help getting the house properly sealed. In that case I recommend doing some testing before finish materials are in place.

home air tightness testing
Blower door

The air leaks will be dealt with before finish materials are installed so the final test will be low enough to pass.

Duct Blaster Testing for forced air system air tightness.

Ducting that is installed in unheated space like attics will need to be tested.  The entire system has to be tested at once not just the areas in the unheated space. The duct test should be conducted after the entire duct system is roughed in and the air handler is in place.

duct air tightness testing
Duct Blaster

This will ensure access to all the ducting for further sealing if needed.  All the supply and return registers will be sealed off and the test fan installed in a return register.  The system will be depressurized and leakage calculated. A smoke machine can also be used to find leaks during the test, especially if the HVAC contractor is having trouble creating a tight  system. Call today: