The Roof Inspection

The integrity of the  framing and the roofing surface are vital to the health of a structure.

Improperly installed roofing screws with sealant applied over them.

During the  inspection the attic is accessed to view the underside of the roof and the framing that supports it.  Any defects are noted in the report.

Damaged attic vent

Defects include broken or sagging framing, loose fasteners, damaged plywood, wet wood or water stains from leaks, mold, rusty metal, etc. The surface is also walked on or viewed from the edge of the roof to inspect for surface defects and wear.  Defects include excessive wear, holes, dents, missing components, improper roofing materials, rusty or missing flashing, dried or missing sealants, etc.  Another aspect of the roof that requires assessment is the ventilation.  If there is not enough ventilation the roof will trap heat in the summer.  This heat can damage the roofing surface and/or the support structure.  Also poor ventilation can result in high humidity in the winter with condensation and mold development.  The inspection will let you know how your roof system is performing so you can plan for the future either by making repairs now or having some time before anything needs to be done.

Improperly installed roofing screws causing water leak

Many types of roofing exist and all of them have there own unique strengths and weaknesses.  They all fail in different ways.  With knowledge of how these different roofing systems are put together we can better inspect the particular system that is encountered.

Thermal Image of wet sheetrock from leaking roof

Tools that may be utilized to inspect are a thermal camera, moisture meter, probe, or hammer and flashlight.  The most important tools are simply the eyes, hands, head and feet of the inspector. Experience and knowledge will lead the inspector on the correct path to discovering defects.  While walking on a roof the deck under the roofing material can be accessed for strength by gently bouncing on the areas between rafters.  The framing members will be probed and “wiggled”, the eyes will always be searching. In this way the inspection will provide the home owner or buyer vital information about the home. Call today for your home inspection