The importance of water testing

Water is something that is easy to take for granted, especially here in Montana.  We have access to clear clean water, basically coming from its source in the mountains.  The cities treat water and most wells have acceptable water if not very good with excellent natural minerals. But all is not always well.  Old pipes can leach out heavy metals and ground water can become contaminated with nitrogen and bacteria. Some common contaminants that have been encountered in and around the gallatin valley are Chloride, Flouride, Sulfate, Iron, Nitrate/Nitrite and Bacteria/Ecoli. Other factors to test for are Coductivity and pH. Bozeman is next door to one of the largest calderas in the world, Yellowstone.  The area is rich in volcanic rock and minerals.  The Madison River which flows out of Yellowstone National Park is naturally contaminated with arsenic.  The water in the Three Forks area can have high levels of arsenic.  We all must drink water and it is convenient to be able to drink the water in our own home.  All of the above contaminants can be dealt with using the proper treatments.  The first step in treatment is testing so that proper treatments are utilized.  Most home sales involving a well will have a water test performed testing for Nitrates/Nitrites and Bacteria/Ecoli.  High levels of nitrogen are a sign of contamination from fertilizer.  The presence of Ecoli can be a sign of ground water contamination from neighboring septic or from animal feces. The presence of bacteria can mean the same thing as Ecoli or can just mean the water system is dirty and in need of cleaning.  Heavy metal testing should be performed if the house is old with original water pipes.  Lead and copper are the 2 most common contaminants originating from old plumbing. Call today for a discussion of your water testing needs.