Thermal Imaging and Log Cabins


Air leakage where wall meets log beam

Thermal Imaging can be very useful for log cabins.  Homes constructed with logs have numerous places for air to potentially leak from the home.  When air leakage is bad enough uncomfortable drafts develop and heat bills are high.  All the joints between logs and any change in direction of the wall have joints that need sealed.  Also the logs themselves can develop cracks (checks). Caulking and chinking dry up and logs change shape so a log home that was originally well sealed can become leaky.  With thousands of feet of potential leaky cracks sealing every joint can be an expensive and time consuming process.

Infrared imaging
Air leaks where framed wall meets logs

With thermal imaging the worst air leaks can be identified and dealt with.  Resealing every joint between every log may not be necessary.  Maybe only the corners and areas around doors and windows will need sealed.  Sometimes the air leaks have been present since the home was built and the log joints themselves are just fine.  Often times stick framed areas such as dormers and gable ends leak air where they meet the logs.  Also when tongue and groove wood is used over framed walls or ceilings there can be numerous air leaks at knot holes and board joints.

Air leakage where ceiling meets logs

Thermal imaging is a good way to reveal air leakage when combined with the blower door.  The blower door creates a negative pressure in the home which draws air in through the leaky cracks.  This will accentuate the areas where air is leaking to provide a more precise map for pinpointing areas of the home needing sealed.  Also the blower door will quantify the air leakage.  A goal can then be set for how much sealing needs done and how much energy savings can be obtained with the money needed to achieve the air sealing goal. A before and after  blower door reading can be recorded and the exact savings calculated after air sealing is conducted.

Air leakage at corner
Air leakage at corner

Thermal imaging is an excellent way to find air leakage in any home but becomes especially important in log home construction where thousands of feet of potential air leaks exist. Call today to talk more about thermal imaging and your home.